Bouillabaisse Soup

Served with prawns, langoustine, cozze and vangole.



Cooked with leek and fish velouté


Whitebait fish cakes

Served with grilled vegetables and tartar sauce.


Smoked Salmon tartar

With lemon and capers and served with avocado and salmon caviar.


Marinated grilled aubergines

With burrata cheese, cheery tomatoes, olives and basil dressing.


Salt and pepper fried calamari

Served with tartar sauce.


Italian cold cuts

A mixture of salami milano, bresaola, parma ham, served with focaccia, olives, sundried tomatoes, pecorino cheese and parmesan cheese.


Fried brie cheese

Served with dry fig and rucola salad and a fig sauce on the side.



Gozo Cheese Ravioli

Served with tomato sauce

Starter €5.25


Spaghetti Marinara Al Bianco

Vongole, mussels, prawns, calamari, cherry tomatoes and white wine.

Starter €8.90


Rigatoni With Toscana

Sausage Ragu with black olives, sundried cherry tomatoes touch of tomato sauce.

Starter €8.90


Garganelli With Fresh Salmon

With pealed prawns, pernod and cream.

Starter €8.90


Chicken Risotto

With asparagus, gargonzola cheese and portabello mushroom.

Starter €8.90


From the Land

Black Angus Beef Rib Eye

Choices of mushroom, pepper or garlic butter sauce.


Chicken Breast

Wrapped In Parma Ham topped with a mushrooms crust mozzarella and finished with a grand marnier sauce.


Duck Breast

With cranberry sauce.


Pan Fried Boneless Quail

With pancetta, raisins, port and served on a bed of mash potato.


Beef Tagliata

Served with portobelo mushrooms, rucola and parmesan shavings.



Marinated rabbit in beer, garlic, celery, thyme, with prune & port.


From the Sea

Fish of the day

Please ask for what's available

According to Market Price

Grilled King Prawns

Served with rice

According to market price

Pan Fried King Prawns

With garlic, cherry tomatoes, flamed with pernod and cream, served with rice.

According to market price

Grilled Calamari

Garlic, basil & olive oil


Pan Fried Calamari Rings

With cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic.


Pan Fried Salmon

Served with scallops, prawn bisque and cream.


Lobster (when available)

Either grilled or thermidor

According to Market Price

All main courses are served with a choice
of either chips & salad or vegetables of the day & potatoes.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, eggs,mushrooms & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella, artichokes, marrows, aubergines, peppers, black olives, mushrooms & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami piccante, onions, green peppers & oregano.



Fresh tomatoes, anchovies, black olives, potatoes,basil, garlic, onion & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella, marrows, aubergines, peppers, black olives, maltese sausage & oregano.


Parma Ham

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, parma ham, rucola, parmesan cheese & oregano.


Al' Salmone

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salmon, fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella, calamari, medium prawns, shrimps, cozze, vongole meat, onions, garlic, basil & oregano.


In case of allergies please
do not hesitate to inform the service staff.