Fish soup (aljotta)

Fish, peeled prawns, mussels & rice


Fresh mussels

White wine, basil, garlic & tomato sauce.


Duck & truffle croquets

pickled carrots, beetroot, spinach leaves & g chutney.


Local red prawn tartar

seaweed, caviar, blue berries, wasabi, redcurrants, crispy atbread with olives, japanese mayo & sour cream & avocado dip.


Meager fish cake (gurbell)

Served with grilled vegetables & tartar sauce.


Grilled marinated octopus

marinated in balsamic vinegar, honey, & sesame seeds, served with rucola leaves, feta cheese, balsamic roasted cherry tomato & greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic dip.


Octopus carpacio & scallop tartar

pickled carrots, fried capers crispy atbread with olives, japanese mayo & sour cream avocado dip.


Salt & pepper fried calamari

Served with fried zucchini carrots & tartar sauce.


Beef slider

trufe mayo sauce, caramelize onions, garlic chutney, provolone cheese & american BBQ sauce.


italian cold cuts & cheese platter

parmaham, salami pistachio, salami piccante, salami milano, sundried tomato,bresaola, pecorino cheese, parmesan, buffula mozzarella, olives, pickled onions & fucaccia.


Warm brie cheese tartlet

glazed with honey & thyme, served with rucola, g chutney, glazed balsamic & cherry tomato.


Fried artichoke

feta cheese, spinach leaves, beetroot puree, cream cheese & artichoke dip.


Marinated grilled aubergine

focaccia mozzarella di bufala, parma ham, cherry tomatoes, pistachio crumbs, pistachio paste & balsamic glaze.


Fresh Pasta

Homemade ravioli

Filled with local cheese, tomato sauce, garlic & basil.

Starter €7.00



Pancetta, artichoke, asparagus, garlic, spring onions & gorgonzola cheese.

Starter €10.00


Beef mezze maniche rigate

slow cooked beef, trufe, sundried tomato, port mushroom & parmesan cheese.

Starter €11.00


Tortellini wild boar

artichoke, parma ham, cognac & cream.

Starter €11.00


Beef cheeks ravioli

fresh tomato sauce, beef jus & pecorino cheese.

Starter €12.00


Potato gnocchi

with gorgonzola, cream & pistachio.

Starter €11.00


Calamarata calamari & peeled prawns

fresh tomato, garlic, chilly, pistachio & prawn bisque.

Starter €11.00


Spaghetti marinara

mussels, vongole, calamari, prawns, cherry tomatoes & prawn bisque

Starter €11.00


Pachari octopus

black olives, fresh tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil & chilli.

Starter €12.00


spaghetti vongole & local fresh medium prawns

garlic, fresh tomato, basil, white wine & chilli.

Starter €13.00


Salmon ravioli

peeled prawns, prawn bisque & cream.

Starter €12.00


From the Land

Duck breast

pan seared duck breast with plum & orange sauce & mashed potato


Stuffed pork llet

apple, spinach, speck & prune, red wine sauce & mashed potato.


Chicken breast martini rosso

pancetta, mushrooms, orange zest, brie cheese, martini rosso & cream.


Chicken breast roulade

parma ham, mushrooms, pine nuts, white trufe, smoked scamorza cheese & port sauce.


Grilled veal french rack milk fed

whiskey & gorgonzola sauce.


Black angus beef rib-eye

mushroom or pepper or trufe or whiskey gorgonzola sauce.


Grilled meat platter for 1 pax

veal, beef rib-eye, lamb sausage, pan fried mushrooms, roasted cherry tomato & trufe sauce.


Braised rabbit

garlic, celery, carrots, apple, rosemary, thyme, tomato sauce & port.


Pork loin spare ribs

bbq & honey sauce.


Beef tagliata

portobello mushrooms, rucola & parmesan shavings.


From the Sea

Local grilled king prawns

Served with rice.

According to Market Price

Local pan fried king prawns

Rice, garlic, basil & flamed in cognac.

According to market price

Pan fried Argentina king prawns

Pernod, prawn bisque & cream.


Grilled marinated octopus

marinated in balsamic vinegar, honey & sesame seeds.


Grilled Calamari

Garlic, basil, lemon zest, diced tomatoes & olive oil.


Stuffed calamari with prawns & crab

fresh tomato sauce & prawn bisque


Sweet chili calamari

Garlic, basil, sweet chili, cognac & cream.


Salmon fillet

Peeled prawns, mange tout & prawn bisque.


Lobster (when available)

Grilled or thermidor

According to market price

All main courses are served with a choice
of either chips & salad or vegetables of the day & potatoes.



Rosemary, garlic, chilli & oregano.


Focaccia with buffalo mozzarella

Parma ham, rosemary, garlic chilli & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, eggs,mushrooms & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella, artichokes, marrows, aubergines, peppers, black olives, mushrooms & oregano.



Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami piccante, onions, green peppers & oregano.



Fresh tomatoes, anchovies, black olives, potatoes,basil, garlic, onion & oregano.


Al' Salmone

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salmon, fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil & oregano.



tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, eggs, mushroom, olives, salami, artichoke, pancetta & oregano.


In case of allergies please
do not hesitate to inform the service staff.